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November 26, 2005



I've tasted them at Ragusa and they were absolutly faboulous. As you say, you can't guess there's meat in the filling...

As for the origin of this strange (for us) concoction may be we should also remember that there was some tradition of using chocolate (and sugar) in meat dishes too. The antic recipe of coda alla vaccinara for example claims for chocolate, if i'm not wrong. And many mexican dishes keep also these memories.
Furthermore the most amazing sweets came out from convents, through latin america, spain, sicily or sardinia... Dulces de monjas as my father call them. :)
Aspetto curiosa il tuo prossimo post.


Darn - I passed by and I missed them!


They look great.


Marcela, you're absolutely right about the meat-sugar (and sometimes chocolate) combination, and about coda alla vaccinara. We forget that sugar was considered a spice in Medieval cooking and that back then the distinction between sweet and savory was much more blurred. I wonder how many Brits know that their mincemeat pies indeed used to have minced meat in the filling.

I just love those Dulces de monjas!

Cathy, maybe you should plan another visit to Sicily ;-).

Jane, thanks!


My grandmother came from Biancavilla Sicily.
When I was little, now I am 40 ,she use to make these cookies for me.All I knew was that she had put wine and meat and nuts together. She passed away in 1979 and nobody had the correct recipe for them until now.I have finally found it and I look forward to making them for my family.


That picture looks so good I just want to eat it!!


Hi Alberto, I hope you have a wonderful christmas with family and friends. These cookies look irresistible!

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