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November 27, 2005



Wow these look gorgeous! I can imagine popping more than a few of these. Definetely adding these to my list of holiday cookies to bake. Thanks for sharing the recipe (and for choosing such a timely theme!)


Oooh, those sound spectacular! :)


I think I gained weight just looking at these pictures...looks and sounds delicious!


i guess most of us improved in our photo taking skills as we continue blogging hehehehe


Thank you everyone for the kind words, happy you liked them even without tasting them!


Hi Alberto - these sound wonderful! I have a little souvenir jar of Pesto di Pistacchi (pistachio, sugar, grassi vegetali (vegetable oil?), and natural flavors) that I brought back from my trip - is this similar to what you used?


Cathy, the name pesto would make me think it is to be used with pasta or crostini/bruschetta, on the other hand a savory pesto would have no sugar in it. It might be the same thing.


Wow - what dedication! These look so delicious, especially the last photograph made my mouth water!


They look and sound delicious.


I wish I could come by for a taste, but I'll take the phot in the meantime. Yum!

Barbara Fisher

Oooh--very, very pretty, Alberto. And they sound fantastic.

I wonder if I can find some of that pistachio stuff to try....


Questa mi sa che è una Picciotta anoressica le labbra non sono per niente gonfie.
La prossima volta opta per i baci alla Marini che si è gonfiata le labbra.

Io posso ancora partecipare con la Ciambella di Mucca o il concorso è scaduto?



Ciccino, a me le labbra della Marini fanno paura! La prossima volta aggiungerò una botta di colorante rosa e un'iniezione di silicone solo per te.

La ciambella é un po' in ritardo am vediamo cosa si può fare... ma almeno una ricetta in Inglese potevi metterla :-)!


Lo sapevo. Ormai mi sono concquistato la fama di blogger ritardato per via delle mie strampalate adesioni, rigorosamente quando gli eventi sono già scaduti.

Se vuoi la traduco con il adSense di Google :-) ma credo che sarebbe la stessa identica cosa....

Grazie per i prossimi baci di picciotta poi la Marini è siciliana, sono certo che apprezzerebbe anche lei.



These look absolutely to die for!!


The quality of the photograph is only one reason I am extremely interested in baking these cookies. They look delicious!!

However, two questions: for those of us unable to track down Sicilian pistachio cream, do you have any other suggestions for a substitute that would not cause the two halves of the cookie to slide apart? I really like your idea of using something that isn't mocha, Nutella or a jam.

Second, how fragile are these baci? I would like to mail them.

Thanks and Happy Christmas!

Rose's Lime

I've tried three batches of the original Bacci di Dama and I've had best luck so far with a little less butter - 3/4 cup nuts, 3/4 cup flour, 2/3 cup granulated sugar, 1/2 cup butter - and cooked for a little longer 15 minutes - at closer to 350. Maybe it's the weak American butter, but I found they had too much spread and were too chewy. Less butter and longer baking gave me the perfect crumbly/crispy texture. Agree the hazelnut/almond mix is the best. May try pistachio and almond with some of the pistachios left a little chunky next time. Thanks! A real crowd pleaser even without the pistachio cream.


Elizabeth, the traditional baci use quite simply chocolate but I fear that doesn't answer your question. The cookies are quite fragile and tend to crumble, not exactly your first choice if you had to ship something.

Rose, thanks for the suggestions and feedback. I do think there must be a difference between American and European butter. Spreading can be an issue, especially when I used thin cookie sheets or warm ones, but my cookies were never chewey. Still, reducing the butter slightly does indeed help, though to my taste that reduces the richness of the cookie a bit. I will definitely try almonds and pistachio soon, great idea!


I was wondering if you know the recipe for a sicilian cookie called Pasta Fiore? It's looks like a butter cookie, and may be made with semolina flour because the dough is more yellow than your basic butter cookie. The shape of the cookie is also rolled and shaped sort of how you would shape an "S" cookie. I love this cookie and would like to be able to make it at home. Hope you know what I'm talking about. Thanks.

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