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December 03, 2005


Sarah Lou

Hi Alberto,
I think you fogot me at:


Hi !
Same as Sarah Lou, I think that you forgot me too. Here's my post's URL : http://unspeculoos.blogspot.com/2005/11/imbb-shf-cookie-swap.html

And you did a great job with the announcing and listing posts :)


I think he's in the Ms, trying to fix formatting problems and will have M-Z up ASAP.


Hi Alberto,
I think you fogot me at:
Thank you, Chanit :-)


Lisa is right, I'm having a few problems posting. Should have you all up by tonight. Sorry for the wait and thanks for you patience :-).

VK Narayanan

Dear Alberto:

Thank you so much for the wonderful visual treat we have experienced with this great blog event. 47 (at Jennifer's) + 47 (here) wow! 94 special cookies! Is my total wrong with the additions? Thank you for all of your fantastic efforts and hard work. Kudos!

We at My Dhaba are so glad to note that you liked My Dhaba's simple rock cookies. Thank you for featuring our rock cookies here at IMBB-SHF cookie-swap event. Cheers!


Hi Alberto!
I love reading & looking at all the postings! They're all wonderful & delicious looking.


I just want to say thank you for all the work you put into this! It is really nice to read about all the entries!


Ciao Alberto,
I just discovered your wonderful blog via this x-mas cookie post. If only I had seen it before, I'd have loved to participate.
Waiting for an upcoming occasion, I will be happy to test some of the great recipes I've found here.

a presto


Why are the images not available? This entry looks very strange for me.


Ostwestwind, very good question. I'd like to know what happened with the images too. They were all visible when I finished uploading the round-up yesterday night. I just sent a help-ticket to the people over at typepad to see what went wrong.d

Barbara Fisher

Alberto--thanks for the work that went into this post--it is huge!

I am sorry the pictures are acting weird--as I am about as tech-inept as I am kitchen-magickal, I cannot offer any advice. But I still want to thank you for all the work you put into the post and I am sure that you will figure out the pictures eventually.



Thanks for all the hard work. I'm sorry about the technical problems. From my computer screen, the only image not currently available is the photo from She Bakes and She Cooks' entry.

Lovely event...so many great recipes!


Alberto, thanks for all the hard work that went into making this beautiful round-up. This event is really getting me into the holiday spirit, thanks to you and Jennifer. You guys are the best!


this was way beyond fun...thank you for this beautiful event.


Hi, Alberto -- On my computer, some of the images are still not visible, including the one for my Swiss Mountain Shortbread. Otherwise, nice work! Thanks for hosting this fun event!


Thanks Alberto! Lovely round up (lots of work!) and I am going to have fun reading about all those cookies and drool over them.


Thanks to everyone for the kind words and support. I can assure you that during the frustrating past three days, they were a real bliss and probably the only thing that stopped me from banging my head into my computer monitor :-). Now everything should really be OK... but considering how things went during the WE, you never know. I'll keep an eye open for a while and hope you'll now be able to pick your favourites for the book give-away. Thank you again.


Alberto, thanks for the fabulous roundup...and for sticking through the technical challenges - it certainly all looks amazing now!!

This is definitely a bookmark post!!!


What a fantastic job you and Jennifer both did! Thank you!


Alberto, thanks for all the hard work and time, you put into organising this event. The entries are all amazing, just looking at them make me sugar high and crave all sorts of sweets.


Thanks for the hard work Alberto... And thanks to Jennifer too.
Now it'll be really difficult to choose only 3 favorites: I simply want them all!


People, you make me blush.

Let's be honest though, the round-ups would be nothing if you all had not been so creative, dedicated and just plain great with those recipes. So thanks for the compliments, but kudos to all of you for the great entries.


Very nice round-up!
Thanks to you, Alberto, and to Jennifer for the funny (and useful) event!


Compiling all of these was a great task and you did beautifully. Thanks for putting in so much effort since we all loooove photos. It looks great now!

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