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January 29, 2006



What an exquisite post, Alberto. It's inspiring and touching and loving, and I thank you so much. Happily, I have almost all these ingredients, some from your land and some from my waters. My capers are Sicilian, and for that, I am grateful.

When you say "a little dry hot chilli," can you clarify? And are the herbs fresh or dried? (Probably fresh, I know.)

Thanks for your help.

Ciao, Alberto.



Che piatto bellissimo!!! Qui a Toronto e' quasi mezzanotte ma ne mangerei tanta di quella pasta proprio a questo momento!

Ed anche il tuo racconto della storia di questa pasta e bellissima ... auguri a te ed a Daniela!


Tana and Ivonne, thank you both for the kind words!

Tana, I corrected the recipe to answer your question. When you cook something out of memory sometimes you forget to put in information that is not so self-evident to others. As you will notice, I use dry oregano here. oregano is one of the few herbs I use both dry and fresh, and it gives two completely different aromas. To me the fresh one is great with fresh tuna, but for the rich oil-preserved tuna one needs something with a bit more punch.


Sublime! Your story made me smile Alberto. :)

The pasta looks and does seem delicious but it is overshadowed by the love and nurturing you showed Daniela at the time she needed it most.



Hi Alberto, what a wonderful post. I love to read stories of dishes that are associated with a meaningful event in someone's life - it gives them so much more character! And thanks for the recipe - it looks delicious.


Food and love, a classic combination. I remember dishes from my childhood that remind me of the love and devotion I feel for my parents and dishes that my huband first made for me as we were dating. Your story was well done and heartwarming, congrats to the two of you.


Thanks everyone for the nice words, and very much so. I always have an odd feeling when I write something like this post. A part of me wants to keep it private, another thinks most readers will find it diabetis-sweet and feel sick :-). Reading your comments definitely makes me feel better!

laura @ cucina testa rossa

Daniela is one lucky woman! This was beautiful and touching and sweet and romantic. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of yourself with the world. and the picture look absolutely delicious! Mangia bene indeed :-)

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