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June 16, 2006



yum, sprati! one of my favorites.


This is a very nice write-up Alberto - I guess I agree with pretty much everything you say:) I'm glad to see that you seem to have enjoyed the culinary side of your trip to Estonia a lot - you're one appreciative foodie tourist!
I maybe checking out Imre Kose's new venture in July (_if_ it opens) - I'll report back then:)
Few thoughts:
* Pea soup with smoked pork is one of my favourites;
* serving bacon with 'verivorst' is not very common, though not unheard of, usually roasted pork and blood sausages go hand in hand; * odrajahukarask or barley bread is definitely a bread and not a cake; haven't heard of the kama/barley soda bread combo, but it may exist. Usually we eat/drink kama with fermented milk.
* I don't know about clear Russian influences on local dishes, but lots of Russian dishes have surely won a place in Estonian hearts - or stomachs:) Especially 'pelmeenid' and various hearty soups - seljanka, borš, rassolnik, hartšo (well, not Russian really) are very popular. There's even Estonian version of seljanka - much less meat and more onions, which is wonderful.
Thanks again for such a positive take on my homeland:)


Pille, it has been a pleasure... both visiting Tallinn and follow up discussion. A lot of the merit is yours: without your tips and your blog, I doubt it would have been such an intriguing experience. I am looking forward to reading your opinion on Kose... if he ever opens :-D.

Just two follow up comments to yours:

- I must have been unclear about the barley bread. I believe that the bread at Eesti Maja is made only with barley and can be served with a glass of Kama plus sour milk on the side if you like to.

- Interesting note on Russian food and especially Seljanka: here in Estern Germany it is also very popular, or at least the local version is. i'll have to try and get hold of the Estonian version and prepare a Russian-Estonian-German seljanka tasting for my Est German friends next winter.

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