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June 29, 2006



It looks delicious, suddenly assault me the idea of making it!!!


That tiella looks wonderful - and an octopus and olive filling sounds wonderful. When I lived in San Fransisco ten or so years ago, there was a small Italian bakery That I would visit that made what was reputed to be a very authentic tiella, though I never saw it offered with octopus, I often saw it with mussels and roasted peppers and garlic.

Your post brought me back to that time - very good years. Thanks, you made me smile.


gigmangi, if you make tiella yourslef I'd love to have tips for the recipe. I am going to give it a go myself soon.

Chilefire, you're welcome. I think the tiella you had in SF is perfectly in the spirit of the dish. The filling might not be one of the popular ones in Gaeta, but the bottom-line idea is that ideally the filling should be a mix of (sea)salty and sweetish ingredients. Mussels and roasted peppers sounds like a good combo.

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