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July 10, 2006



Quite a genuine Critical Appreciation of the Book Kitchen Sense.

Though I found the book's instructional feature incomplete without pictures, yet I found that Mitchell Davis has tailored the book to cater to the needs of an amateur American gourmet.

You had been apt to point out that this cookbook is bound to improve the culinary skills of a cook.

{However I do not agree that a novice cannot find his rescure here. Every instruction is is accompanied with detailed illustrations to guide a novice at every step.


Esther, I find pictures are a nice added bonus at times, but often they become the whole point of cooking books while the recipes suffer. In that regard, I'd rather have a book with no pictures but with tried and tested instructions than one that has nice looks.

You are probably right about the novice cooks, there are indeed a number of recipes that anyone could follow. Yet I think there are other books which might be better suited for them. Probably I am influenced by some of the terribly clumsy cooking "freshmen" I know, who manage to screw up the simple act of heating a pasta sauce :-).


Alberto, thank you so much for joining us. I showed your post to a friend who's a native Southerner -- and she said, "That looks exactly like food my mama used to make for us!" :-)


I think your gravy would look and taste just about right!


I find it refreshing when you get a cookbook that is actually a great read as well. Im all for cookbooks with pretty pictures but having that little extra is nice. This cookbook sounds like a good one.

Walker Thompson

I agree with this. I use cookbooks like encycloepedias. In other words, only when I'm in a bind do I reach for the experts opinion. Well, I can't say that is true, either, because many times I'm constantly grabbing for them. Oh gosh, what am I saying. Alright, I'm perfectly hooked. I need cookbook to tell me how to get out of bed in the morning. I think we all need this sometimes...


Cath and Tanna, thanks for the positive feedback on my go at gravy and biscuits!

Walker, what to say... yo semm to be hooked indeed ;-).


Hey-I'm a southerner and I think your gravy looks perfect. I have a compulsive urge to mention that the shape of your biscuits aren't typical of the American southeast. (Our biscuits are invariably circular-sometimes a cookie cutter/biscuit cutter but also a jar or a glass). It took me a while to register that you hadn't put sausage gravy onto a baguette. I feel a hearty breakfast coming for my family this weekend!


Hi Alberto

What a great post. I too lingered over the biscuits and gravy recipe...I'll probably try them a bit later on:)



Sucar, thanks for the shape tip. Mitchell Davies does indeed mention that round is the traditional way to go. I could not find my round cutters so I used a less classic wedge shape.

I did find the round cutters afterwards: my son was using them to cut out plasticine cookies :-).

Jyotsna aka deccanheffalump

It IS great to find a book where the recipes are as good as the pictures. This particular recipe sounds quite mouthwateringly good.
About the flour- thats so true. Is it because many American recipes specify Self raising flour or All Purpose flour? Never quite figured it out.
Only one type of White Flour is available here and we all add baking powder according to our own tastes.


I'm intrigued by this one! Certainly the recipes here seem to veer on the side of innovativity without creating modern culinary disasters.
In light of culinary disaster trends, see things like "vindaloo icecream". Yuk!


i'm very much abstracted by this and thre is some more, I found that amazing in south Asia (India).

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