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October 08, 2006



Good luck for the future - I'd really like you to continue blogging from Scotland :-)

S. Worthen

The Buttery was easily the highlight of my eating in Glasgow. I also had a few memorable dishes at the Ubiquitous Chip.

You'd need a car to get there, but I also had a very fine stay - complete with gorgeous stars and a good dinner (memorable olives and scallops) - at Monachyle Mhor, in the middle of the Trossachs.

I didn't make it up to the Three Chimneys; Skye was too much driving on our last trip there. Next time.


Welcome to the neighborhood! While I'm probably not the best one to sing Scotland's culinary praises, there are certainly a few gems around here. Unfortunately I don't know the Glasgow scene at all, so I'll be just as curious to hear about what you discover.

And of course, do let me know if you find yourself in Edinburgh!


Petra, thanks for the good luck wishes. I do hope to continue blogging and pretty much mean to, but I decided to wait and see how much free time the new job leaves me with :-).

S. tips noted down, thanks!

Melissa, I definitely intend to dig out whatever gems I can find in Glasgow. Thanks for the warm welcome and I will definitely let you know if I am in Edinburgh... as long as you do the same when you are in Glasca ;-).


I will forever be grateful to you, Alberto, for tracking down the name of the Italian flatbread-- torta al testo-- I had in Assisi over two years ago now. You were my first acquaintance with food bloggers and you made a great impression on me. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Much success to you in all that you do, many blessings to you and your family, many days of good food, wine, and cheer.



Oh noo, Alberto. I'm moving, too, but away from Scotland. I'm having a large farewell party this Saturday, and fly back home to Estonia on Sunday. It would have been lovely to meet, and show you around in Edinburgh, but alas, no.
Thanks for your kind write-ups about your trip to Tallinn. I'll be blogging from there now on:)

Jyotsna aka deccanheffalump

Wishing you all the best in your new home and job Alberto. It would be great if you kept Il Forno up. To me it was the best introduction to food blogging and your posts something to look forward to.



congratulations! I mean it. I love Scotland - although it really IS wet and cold. Good luck understanding everyone - the Glaswegian accents can be awful thick!

I do hope you continue blogging - you were one of my inspirations and I think IMBB helped create the whole food blogging movement.

Anyway - good luck - glad that your work situation should improve.



Was looking for a creative commons recipe stash
and found yours. Yay! But no derivatives?
What's the point of having creative commons recipes if people cannot adapt to their own flours and flavours?
Hope you can see this could do with changing.




thanks for bringing this up!

I probably got slightly confused when I signed up for the CC licence about three years ago. My intention was only to block derivative work for commercial purposes, unless explicit permission was given. I clearly messed up. The licence is now is now an attribution-non commercial-share license, which allows derivative work as long as this derivative work is protected by a similar share license. Better :-)?


hi alberto, much sucess in Scotland! hopefully somebody will take the rein of IMBB, we don't want it to end, do we?



I wish you the best of luck. I once travelled to Edinburgh and that place isn't soo bad so you'll most likely be okay.

Please try to stay in touch. Like you, i have the same problem with my life getting in the way of my blog. It sucks!




Alberto! Welcome to the UK foodblogging scene... I do hope you will make it down to London for a few of our foodblogger events, it would be lovely to finally meet you in person!


That's awesome! From what I have heard Scotland is a great place.

Ed McGaugh

Congratulations Alberto!
Sorry it didn't tirn out to be Switzerland or Italy.
It is my understanding that the entire Scottish cusine is based on a bet. It will be interesting to see what you write about.
Best of luck and when are you going to visit us in the Piemonte?


Welcome to the wild, hedonistic world of UK food bloggers, Alberto! I really hope you do continuie to blog, even if infrequently. Your site and IMBB were some of the earliest reasons why I started blogging - thanks for the inspiration :-) Even if you find you're not blogging, I hope we get to meet you at one of our London events one of these days. And of course, we will be visiting for a whisky tasting one day ;-)


Good luck i am sure you will be fine in Scotland hope you keep blogging.


Cheers! Scotland is amazing!

Doug (Living in France)

I agree that the weather in Scotland leaves a lot to be desired. However, having lived in the UK for 11 years (before moving to France), I can say that I found the quality of Scottish food to be much better than south of the Border. Also, the quality of living is in many ways better. Except for a couple of tourist traps (e.g. ski resorts), the people were very welcoming; I always enjoyed my time in Scotland. Glasgow I don't know as well, but Edinburgh is a super place.

Try to book tickets for the annual Edinburgh festival. World-class. Tickets go on sale several months in advance and I would arrange to get the programme on the day it comes out and try to book within 24-hours; the best gigs sell out super fast.


Welcome to Scotland, Alberto!

I went to Glasgow Uni and would dearly love to move back up north at some point. Favourite restaurants/shops of mine in the West End were (bear in mind I haven't been back in almost a decade *sob*):

The Ubiquitous Chip & The Cul de Sac on Ashton Lane--they used to be owned by the same people, and the CdS was the slightly cheaper one. The Ashoka curry house, again on Ashton Lane. There was also a spectacular hand-made gourmet burger place on Ashton Lane, too.

Sensing a theme, here? I had lots of evening practicals on the other side of the lane ;)

Also... Little Italy on Byres Road is a wonderful deli. I really hope its still there. Whistler's Mother, further down Byres Road (before the Western) is a great pub/cafe.

Oh! The cheesemongers! On Great Western Road, near the Kelvinbridge underground. Fabulous place--Mellors, I think?

I'm now thoroughly homesick.


Good luck to you. Personally I would love to live in Scotland.

Dizzy in Glasgow

Good luck with finding decent Mediterranean food in Scotland, especially in Glasgow! I've just spent this last year yearning for good food that I'm used to in my homeland (Malta)... the only solution is to brush up on your own cooking skills! And you can start forgetting the idea of ever eating a proper pizza at a restaurant, except if you feel like going all the way to Edinburgh to La Favorita - pizza salvation at its best!

Good luck and keep posting.. it'll be interesting to see what you think of the food here!


Hi Alberto,

Having only just discovered your blog it would be a great pity if you were to stop writing now!

Moving to a new country and city creates its own wealth of experiences that you can comment on.

Glasgow is not quite the culinary desert it used to be and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food that you can find there now (in both restaurants and shops/markets).

Also, Edinburgh is not too far away and they have the magnificent Valvona & Crolla (assuming you are not sick of Italian food).

Also, to keep with the idea that you are going Celtic, you could change your blog title from Il Forno to Na oighinn...

Best of luck with the move and hope all goes well!

Frank D.

It' a pity you're not blogging anymore. I really dug Il forno, especially because I share your opinion about the degenerated pizza-culture in Germany and always appreciated your blog as a source of competent information about authentic italian food.


We share a mutual love of Scotland. Check out my blog on www.thegrandview.wordpress.com.

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